Guns Do Kill People

It happens every day and it needs to stop

Sam Ochstein


Photo by Jay Rembert on Unsplash

Another week in America, another mass shooting.

It’s so common we’re numb to the epidemic.

Otherwise, why would there be a meme on Facebook reposted over and over in the immediate aftermath of the Nashville school shooting last week that says:

A rock in bad hands killed Abel.

A rock in good hands killed Goliath.

It’s not about the rocks.

Are you kidding me?

Not only is this stupidly simplistic, but it also minimizes the tragedy of lives snuffed from existence and the pain and grief of the victim’s families.

Children murdered.

Teachers murdered.

Regular people like you and me going about their daily lives murdered.

Over and over and over.

Republican Representative Tim Burchett of Tennessee reportedly said after last week’s Nashville school shooting, “We’re not gonna fix it. Criminals are going to be criminals.”

Wow! Way to be sensitive to the tragedy there, Mr. Representative.

Also, check your logic.

Yes, criminals are going to be criminals.

But does that mean there’s NOTHING we can do to reduce gun violence?

That’s like saying, people are going to speed, so we don’t need speed limits.

Or, people are going to steal catalytic converters, so we don’t need laws against that.

Again, what simplistic thinking.

Burchett’s comment and those who think like him suggest that we’re left to helplessly throw up our arms and concede this is just how it is.

Oh well.

Nothing we can do.

Lord, have mercy. Christ, have mercy.

America is far and away the world’s leader in mass shooting incidents, deaths, and injuries compared to all other industrialized nations.

Do a Google search. The data’s not hard to find.

What’s different?



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